Profile of Narayansthan Children Library 


SWAN had been running Jana Jagriti Pre-Primary School targeting the Dalit (marginalized) children in Narayansthan VDC for 7 years and handed it to the community itself. Children of the Dalit (marginalized) community have developed a habit of going school and parents are aware of the early education. However, SWAN felt a necessity of continuing learning program in this community. Hence, SWAN introduced children library in this community with the financial support of Consortium of Mr. Arnold Hoermann, Mr. Jochen Luftensteiner and Ms. Bettina Freynhofer and people from Austria in the year 2014.


  • Children stories help the kids to me more imaginative and sharpen their creative minds.
  • Children have got an opportunity to read new books, listen stories, meet friends and playing in a group.
  •  Parents have started understanding the value of education and their future of their children

Strategic Objectives

SWAN aims to increase the participation of children in addressing their learning needs in joyful environment.


  • Telling/reading stories for children
  • Facilitating playing materials
  •  Relaying message about education, personal hygiene and good habits by facilitator
  • Meeting among management committee, facilitator and SWAN team


  • Approximately, 45 children come to library every day.
  • Parents are aware of learning needs of their children.
  • Children have developed the habit of being social; building connections with each other and sharing stories etc.
  • Children are interested to hear and read new stories books.

Lesson learnt

SWAN could implement such kind of programs in other rural and marginalized community to ensure the children right to build their imaginative and creative level as a young mind and champion.

Testimonials from beneficiaries

“I love reading stories in this library. Here are so many books of stories, poems, general knowledge etc. So I like to come to library daily."
                              Nisith Nepali (Grade 3, Student)

"I am glad to see many children coming to library. They always get excited to listens new stories when I read to them. I also help them in doing homework's."
                              Yam Kumari Nepali (Facilitator, Children Library)

"Parents of this Dalit (so called untouchable) community are very glad to see the children library in our community. This library has brought changes in our children habit of learning new things with joy and enthusiasm."
                               Mina Nepali (Parent, Dalit community)

"When I see the children's happily reading books in library, it makes me feel fortunate and satisfied because economically disadvantaged  children's from my community have access to interesting books."
                               Tham Bahadur Nepali, Social mobilizer

"Children are facilitated with child-friendly furniture, educational toys, reading materials (stories, fairy tales, quiz books, poems collection, puzzle games etc.) and one facilitator to take care of them. Thus, the flow of children to the library is surprisingly great and the performance of students in school is also good."
                               Anita Khadka, Local Woman


By MunaThapa Magar, Program Assistant, Social Welfare Association of Nepal (SWAN)

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