Children breathe a sigh of relief in permanent classrooms

Srijana Poudel, a 10th grader along with her friends studying in Shree Jalpadevi Secondary School, Phulpingdanda VDC breathes a sigh of relief and express their joy at having finally received permanent classrooms. They believe that these classrooms will ensure that they remain unaffected by scorching heat, torrential rain and extreme cold.

Social Welfare Association of Nepal (SWAN) completed the construction and renovation of the school building at Phulpingdanda VDC, Sindhupalchowk and handed it over to the School Management Committee amid a function on 20th October, 2016. Around 350 students and teachers affected by the massive earthquake in 2015 will be benefited by the newly built school.

Major Reconstruction and Renovation works carried out in Shree Jalpadevi Secondary School by SWAN:-

Construction of 6 class rooms in the first floor
Renovation of 6 class rooms at the ground floor (plaster, coloring, and wiring) & Furniture support

In the absence of the school building that was destroyed in the quake last year, the students of this school had been studying in a temporary shelter. Krishna Prasad Nepal, a teacher at the school said, 'We had never imagined that SWAN would complete the construction so timely and we are extremely excited to have finally found the chance to run classes in the newly reconstructed and renovated building'. He added that in the absence of classrooms, they were forced to club different grades together to take combined classes. He further added that it was hard to carry out regular teaching methods which had directly impacted the performances of the students. He further went on to saying that the newly rebuilt building will reduce fear among parents and children which will lead to an increase in the flow of students coming to the school.

The achievement level of students has been totally affected says Pradip Nepal, a rank holding student of class 8. 'The results last year across all grades have been poor due to the fear within students who had been disturbed by the massive disaster.'

Rama Bhujel, a 7th grader shared that they were very skeptic about continuing classes in a temporary shelter. 'We didn't even have proper furniture to sit on and there was no learning atmosphere at the school. There was a point where I wanted to discontinue studying in the school. Fortunately, SWAN has brought back timely hope for better future with its support.

Speaking at the handover event, Chief of District Education Office (DEO) Sindhupalchowk, Mr. Nirmal Kumar Ghimire said, 'SWAN has been able to create an environment in which students will be able to learn better without having to battle fear at the back of their minds. Now, it is the responsibility of the school to create noteworthy changes and bring out quality education.' 

Krishna Karki, Founder and Chairperson of SWAN expressed his opinion that the school will properly utilize the building for the best interest of the children who come to learn here. "We are delighted that we are able to address the urgency in rebuilding the school and getting our children back into safe and permanent classrooms.'

Ms Barbara Dyckhoff Karki, Founder and Chairperson of SWAN Deutschland e.V., Germany said, 'After seeing the building, I believe that the funds we raised in Germany for the children affected by the disaster has helped achieve our purpose. Now, I am looking forward to hearing that the school has started imparting quality education as well.' She also thanked the school management committee, teachers, the community, construction team members and SWAN Nepal for the timely completion of the school reconstruction. More than 500 locals were present at the handover program which also included singing and dancing by local singers and students.

Social Welfare Association of Nepal (SWAN) entered into an agreement with Shree Jalpadevi Secondary School on 16th April to reconstruct and renovate the school building ravaged by the earthquake on 25th April, 2015. This School Reconstruction Program was financially supported by SWAN Deutschland e.V. in close coordination with the District Education Office, Sindhupalchowk. SWAN is also reconstructing Shree Setidevi Primary School of Phulpingdanda, Sindhupalchowk, another school destroyed in the quake and plans to bring it to completion by the end of November, 2016.


By Prekshya Lamichhane, Communication/Documentation Officer, Social Welfare Association of Nepal (SWAN)

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