Core Value

At the heart of the organization are the values that strengthen and guide every personnel and program. They also serve as a foundation for decision making and inspire a positive change. 


Alleviating poverty by facilitating self-sufficiency is an age old strategy. It clearly resounds in the famous proverb, Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”  SWAN wants to ensure that resources and platforms are provided for communities and their individuals to learn, thrive and live in dignity. 


We strongly believe that every childevery woman and every individual regardless of their gender, disability, religion, caste or social status deserves a fair chance in every area to develop and prosper. We exercise inclusion and equality both internally and externally and is visible throughout our organization and its programs.


SWAN ensures to work with high levels of integrity while maintaining transparency and accountability with all its partners and stakeholders. We believe good governance is vital for effective outcome, helps maximize and mobilize resources and support. We make sure all the members of the organization are on the same page so they understand the collective nature of their work and are committed to achieve common goals.


Four Pillars of SWAN: Health, Education, Leadership, and Prosperity (HELP)

  • Health describes access to basic health care and the construction of health centers.
  • Education encompasses children’s scholarships, construction of schools, and materials necessary for children’s success.
  • Leadership describes the roles women can take on in society through financial independence.
  • Prosperity speaks of an ideal society as a whole once the other three pillars have taken hold.