Humanitarian Aid

Nepal is vulnerable to both natural and unnatural disasters due to its geographical position, variable climatic conditions, weak economic condition, low literacy rate and increasing population. The disasters vary from floods, landslides, high-magnitude earthquakes, avalanches, wind and hail storms to economic breakdown and pollution.

Earthquake Response
The 2015 Earthquakes in April and May and a series of aftershocks in Nepal were disastrous and resulted in broken homes, broken communities and broken souls. SWAN provided consistent support to rebuild and make the communities resilient with the following programs.

                                              Relief support distribution in Gorkha in the aftermath of Earthquake

Immediate Relief Support
In partnership with Philip Henman Trust , SWAN Deutschland e.V . and Eco Trip Nepal , SWAN supplied immediate relief resources in Gorkha, Sindhupalchowk, Nuwakot and Kavre districts to more than 500 households. SWAN provided resources such as food, water, medicines and medical services along with a team of doctors to help the most affected Quake victims.

Establishing Health Shelters
In close coordination with District Health Offices (Gorkha, Sindupalchowk and Nuwakot), SWAN established both temporary and permanent health shelters to cater to the needs of quake affected victims. Up to 18 health shelters were constructed and 20+ existing health facilities were supplied medicines with the support of action medeor, Apotheker Ohne Grenzen and SWAN Osterreich and SWAN Deutschland e.V.

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Reconstruction of Damaged Schools
With the assistance of SWAN Deutschland e. V . we reconstructed 3 schools in Parbat and Sindhupalchowk that were severely damaged due to the disaster - Shree Jalpadevi Higher Secondary School, Setidevi Primary School and Shree Jana Prakash Primary School. We built about 20 classrooms that enabled the schools to resume learning.

                                                    Shree Jalpadevi Secondary School, Sindhupalchowk

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Phinam Drinking Water Project
Gorkha district's community in Phinam suffered a severe water shortage post the earthquake. SWAN assisted the village community with water pump, pipes, cables and other resources needed to restore adequate water supply from the nearest reservoir.

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