Maternal and Child Health Project in Humla

Humla, 29 May 2018 - SWAN initiated the two years Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Project in the Namkha Rural Municipality of Upper Humla targeting the 6 health facilities since May. The main objective of the project is to improve maternal and child health services in these health facilities. This project is a public-private collaboration that supports existing governmental activities and funded by SWAN Deutschland e.V.

SWAN will implement the first phase of project in Hepka, Muchhu and Karpelgaun health facilities of Upper Humla. SWAN will provide the logistics to the birthing centers and provides training for the Auxiliary Nurse Midwives (ANMs). ANMs will be provided skilled birth attendant (SBA) training and additional trainings in management of maternal and neonatal emergencies including: Helping Babies Breathe (HBB), Helping Mothers Survive  (HMS), Essenstial Care for Every Babies (ECEB) and Essential Care for Small Babies  (ECSB). Alongside all these, the project will also strengthen referral system in communities through skill oriented training courses to the Female Community Health Volunteers  (FCHVs).

In connection to the MCH project, SWAN also had a promising discussion with the representatives of the Namkha Rural Municipality of Humla district and technical team of the United States of America at SWAN Office in Kathmandu to outline the framework of collaboration between the project partners for the smooth implementation of the Maternal and Child Health project. At the meeting, Namkha Rural Municipality agreed to provide necessary staffs in the birthing center and renovate existing health post structures to upgrade to the quality of the birthing center.

The Project Coordinator,  Ms. Sushila Shah has been hired and joined the duty station in Humla.  Ms. Shah has started to coordinate with the Namkha Rural Municipality, local stakeholders and District Health Office (DHO), Humla.

 "I have joined the duty station in Humla on 10th June 2018. Since then, I've started coordination and meeting with community, elected members of the Namkha Rural municipality, health workers and District Health Office. All the local stakeholders are excited about the maternal and child health project in Namkha Rural Municipality as the health facilities in the district lacks skilled staff, proper logistics and medicines in a birthing center and high maternal and neonatal deaths. Access to quality maternal and neonatal health services is a grave need of this place. I'm hopeful that MCH project will bring an impact to the pregnant women and newborns in the rural communities of Upper Humla."

                                               Sushila Shah  -  Project Coordinator, MCH Project, Humla