Our Story

I was raised in a remote village of Naryansthan in Baglung district of Nepal. My first memory of a school was the shade of a tree, where the local school master taught a handful of students to write and read. Later, I traveled to India, where I received a good education. I further had the opportunity to travel to the United States and Europe to gain different kinds of experiences. Whenever I returned home, I was always struck by the need to do something for my village. I always compared my birth place with other places and felt a need to do something to develop it. It is always one of the foremost things on my mind.

Encouraged by the support of my family, friends and community members who understood my vision of social welfare of rural Nepal, I started SWAN in 1994. I envisioned Baglung, the rural village, becomes a place where every individual has access to health care services, education and better livelihood. Over the course of time, we’ve seen how remarkable changes can be brought when we work together with the government and the communities. I see SWAN has accomplished a lot in the last 23 years not only in Baglung, but also in the other rural districts like Sindhupalchowk, Gorkha and Parbat.

With the completion of Network of Safety for Woman and Newborn (NSWN), a 5 year Project, maternal health in Baglung has greatly improved which has been indicated by zero Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR) in 2014. Over 5000 mothers and children have been benefited from this project. SWAN has provided over 1500 educational scholarships to students and benefited over 3000 underprivileged children through its Early Childhood Development projects. We have further empowered our women and enhanced their social status through sustainable livelihoods. Overall, SWAN has impacted close to 150 Village Development Committees (VDC's) through all its education, health and livelihood programs. 

SWAN saw a big leap when we established SWAN Deutschland e.V.  (SWAN Germany) in 2014 with the support of my wife Dr. Barabara Dyckhoff Karki and other friends. Many projects are being run in Baglung district and earthquake affected districts with the financial support of SWAN Germany. Likewise, like minded group of people established SWAN Österreich in Austria in 2016 which helps us to reach out to the many vulnerable children and disadvantaged women. In addition, SWAN has been working with inspiring partners and supporters around the world to continue our life changing programs, uninterrupted. We were able to respond quickly, even in the time of crisis during the Nepal Earthquake 2015 by establishing health centers, rebuilding schools, providing relief support and thus helped in creating resilient communities.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude towards all the past and present partners and supporters. We wish to continue our journey of transforming communities and building a future we can all be proud to share. 


Thank You. 

Krishna Karki
Founder Chairperson