Raise Funds

Your fundraising saves lives of mothers and newborns, educates children, empowers women through livelihoods and helps rebuild communities and make them sustainable. SWAN has many projects that require your support and some new projects that are waiting for a kickstart.

Pick a cause that appeals you and fundraise within your group, community or organisation. Contact us now and we will provide you resources and proposals related to the projects that require urgent assistance. 

Be the reason for a remarkable change! 


Please take a moment to read the few questions asked to the board of SWAN Österreich to help us understand better, their purpose and calling for the Nepali people. Click here . . .


Mailing Address:

SWAN NEPAL:  Social Welfare Association of Nepal, GPO Box: 19420, Maharajgunj-3, Parmeshwor Marg, Kathmandu, Nepal  |   E-mail: swan@swannepal.org

SWAN Germany: Dr. Barbara Dyckhoff-Karki, Grosfeld Str.5, 48431 Rheine, Germany | Tel: +49 5971-804864 | Fax: +49 5971-804865 | E-mail: barbara.dyckhoffkarki@web.de