School Health Program (WASH)

Kathmandu, 31 July 2018 - SWAN completed the school health program in the 20 schools of Parbat and Baglung district targeting the students of Primary level from January to July, 2018. SWAN Nepal initiated this project as a part of the child friendly school concept. This project included the activities such as hand washing events, repair and maintenance of toilets, providing sanitation kits like dustbins, broom, harpic, phenyl, brush etc.

SWAN also conducted orientation class on the importance of hygiene and sanitation among the local stakeholders, teachers and school children. The purpose of the orientation was to sensitize the participants to actively engage in our school health program and influencing them to adopt the program in a long run. Local health worker was hired as a trainer who focused on the association of learning, hygiene and sanitation conditions in school and how to improve children's health by taking appropriate measures.

"This program basically helped to raise awareness and understanding about the importance of hygiene and sanitation among school kids. We will hereafter regularly conduct handwashing events at the school so that kids would be free of preventable diseases like diarrhea and pneumonia."

              Khem Bahadur Lamichhane  -   Principal, Shree Jana Prakash Primary School, Parbat