Sponsor Child's Education

You now have an option to prevent a child from dropping out of school and becoming a victim of child labor, trafficking or abuse.

Support education in many ways ranging from sponsoring school fees, teaching and learning aids to constructing classrooms. 

Reach us out today, to transform the life of a child!

Mailing Address:

SWAN NEPAL:  Social Welfare Association of Nepal, GPO Box: 19420, Maharajgunj-3, Parmeshwor Marg, Kathmandu, Nepal  |   E-mail: swan@swannepal.org

SWAN Germany: Dr. Barbara Dyckhoff-Karki, Grosfeld Str.5, 48431 Rheine, Germany | Tel: +49 5971-804864 | Fax: +49 5971-804865 | E-mail: barbara.dyckhoffkarki@web.de