Livelihood Centres

SWAN strongly believes in uplifting socio-economic and cultural aspirations of communities. It opens doors for self sustainability through livelihood centres which serve as training, social entrepreneurship and ecotourism units.  

Lets look at the three aspects of these centres carefully. 

Ecotourism - It promotes cultural exchange and sustainable development through ecologically sensistive homestays, treks and various community building activities in the Himalayas for tourists. SWAN works in collaboration with travel to nature Asia and Eco Trip Nepal Treks & Exepedition  .

Trainings - These are essential for empowering women and other community individuals. They fuel all income-generating activities such as livestock development, organic farming, handicrafts and tailoring. 

Social Entrepreneurship - These centres also serve as business units providing a platform for communities to display and sell produce, distribute benefits and discuss and share ideas to improve existing programs or venture into new livelihoods. 

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